White Grizzly

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White Grizzly will start or finish your day off with a roar, as you roll a doobie and roll into action.


White grizzly is like the name suggest, big, fat and strong.

It can handle extreme temperatures because it was grown and acclimated to the Kootenay Mountains.

Strong outdoors and indoors, White Grizzly is resistant to high cold winds, low rainfall, pests and mites. Known and famous for it super high yields and quality clean buzz. A great strain to keep around for those cold Canadian winters. Very popular with our Quebec customers as well because of the cold and harsh climates in Northern Ontario/Quebec. Try visiting the Quebec Seed Bank for other hearty, cold climate cannabis strains.

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2 reviews for White Grizzly

  1. Jayson

    Very easy to grow, just plant in spring and come back on fall. This strain is hearty

  2. Malarkey

    Is this got much sativa in it or ?? Why not this info. Seems the kinda thing youd want to know, no?

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