Texada Time Warp


Texada Time Warp bud seeds with fast flowering and pest resistant traits. Throw ‘n Grow Easy Growing.

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Texada Time Warp Bends Time When Toking or Eating Them As Marijuana Cookies

Texada Time Warp and twist time. Enter warp speed with these seeds bred by the Kootenay Mountains Seed Company.

Texada Time Warp will blow your mind. Another great thing about them is they are easy to grow. Throw seeds, forget about them then harvest come fall. They resist bugs, pests, deer, you name it. Low odor strain guaranteed to  keep your secret garden a secret. This is one of only a few cannabis strains in the world that has very little odor. A very popular strain for younger people that still live with mommy and daddy. They often choose this strain for a very small closet grow with one or two plants. Keep in mind, she’s build to be an outdoor strain, but she can do well indoors. She’s a bit tricky though and can get a bit tall and lanky if you use florescent lights only. Best to grow her with some more powerful LED’s.

Best Strain for Australian Growers

Get your seeds shipped in Australia by your local postie using the Australian Seed Bank. Texada time warp grows well in the bush, but so does Aussie Blues. Many Australian customers prefer to grow the feminized version.

Texada Time Warp Aussie Cannabis Seeds

Texada Time Warp Shipping by Aussie Cannabis Seeds


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