Nepalese Grizzly



Nepalese Grizzly

Nepalese Grizzly Seeds will therefore make it when other strains die in the cold. Gaining them the reputation for being the best cannabis mountain seeds  in Canada. Plant these mostly indica seeds high in the forested mountains and safely out of sight. It one of the strains that grows well in the rocky mountains on the North side where it cooler and with less light. They hide from prying eyes because more people walk and look on the South face of the mountains. The helicopters patrols miss spotting them because they look in the same locations on the South.

Withstands Frigid Temperatures and High Winds

Grow hardy Nepalese Grizzly buds and withstand high winds, downright cold temperatures and overall, harsh outdoor conditions that nowhere else on the planet exists.

nepalese grizzly outdoors

nepalese grizzly growing outdoors

You can also try other mountain seeds from Switzerland which are called Alpine Berry and it’s created by Swiss Seeds.

Swiss Alpine Berry from swiss seeds

Swiss Alpine Berry

 Height and Flowering Times

With a medium height at 3-4 tall fully ripe, stabilized and bushy. She can frost over below zero (Celcius) and withstand the cold.

Fully finished by mid September at the latest and most will harvest her at 40% amber on September the 3rd.

For Larger Yields

Produce massive plants and try growing our Jumbo Grizzly, it’s the worlds largest cannabis plant. It thrives outdoors in Canada and will get you harvesting pounds instead of ounces.

Jumbo Grizzly is mostly Indica, and she’s made for your Northern outdoor climate.


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