Jumbo Grizzly

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20 Lbs dried bud per plant, Jumbo Grizzly is the largest yielding strain in the world.


Jumbo Grizzly is the world’s largest cannabis plant you can grow

She grow big, even when growing conditions are not ideal

Kootenay Mountain Seeds is happy to present to you our world famous, gigantic strain. We named her Jumbo Grizzly for good reason. She is a giant, nothing is larger or more powerful in the Kootenay Mountains. Enjoy over 20lbs of dried buds per plant during an average Canadian Summer, Outdoors.

Mostly Indica and made in Canada for Cold Northern Outdoor Climates.

If you plant these seeds and return in fall, don’t be surprised if you mistake it for a tree because she’ll be 8 foot tall. This strain was especially bred to be large and always over 6′, even in the worst season the kootenay’s can throw at you.

Finishes: 3rd week of September


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elephant bud

elephant bud


3 reviews for Jumbo Grizzly

  1. Tommy Graham

    she’s a monster, mine all grew almost 11′ tall, 21.4 Lbs dried from the my largest girl of 7

  2. pat

    i didn’t get 20 lbs per plant, i got over 22 lbs dried buds, per plant. a total of 7 females out of 10 seeds.

  3. Wade Papineau

    Got seeds from a second party dealer. Don’t think I got Jumbo Grizzly at all! Plants only grew 4feet tall, maybe 2oz per plant. Had other strains grow 15feet that year! Trying to buy direct from here, but they don’t seem interested in my business. How do ya create an account? My money is good!

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