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Early Grizzly Seeds

When You Live in a Cold Climate, Try Growing Early Grizzly Seeds

They’ll finishing fast because our Early Grizzly Strain was bred in the cold and acclimatized and ready for you to grow in your cold weather.

For those that loved our Kootenay White Grizzy soaring highs, we produced a faster flowering version so those of you living where it’s too cold, can get the best quality high’s in your own back yard.

BC Seeds also has a nice collection of High Altitude Seeds that also grow well in the Kootenay’s.

Early Grizzly Kootenay Mountain Seeds

1 review for Early Grizzly

  1. edward scissor

    She finished early, even indoors, just 4 1/2 weeks into flowering and you can harvest, Outdoors Sept 3rd. because her veg/flowering times are short, your yields will match, I got about 412grams/sq2 Metre Indoors and 658 Outdoors

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